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4 Free Apps Every Marketer Should Use

Most professionals I’ve met in Marketing & Advertising are inherently good at problem-solving. We’ve spent much of our career finding work-arounds and seeking unique ways to make things more attractive, more efficient, or easier to understand – all on a tight budget. I’ve compiled a list of a few free and low-cost tools that I couldn’t live without. READ MORE

Navigating Client Relationships

Lost in Translation – When Communication Between Designer & Client Breaks Down

We’ve all been there. That moment when conversations with a client suddenly become awkward and the collaboration process becomes a “he said, she said” debacle. That moment when something, somehow got lost in translation and the fast-and-easy project, becomes the project from hell with no end in sight. READ MORE

Marketing Paradigm Shift

The Marketing Paradigm Shift – If You Haven’t Noticed, You’re Fired

It’s no secret that the world of marketing is changing, but the sad reality is that many marketing professionals have failed to recognize the extent to which this change has impacted their craft. The list of skills required to be really good at digital marketing bear little resemblance to the specifications that appeared in most job descriptions just five years ago. READ MORE