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4 Free Apps Every Marketer Should Use

Most professionals I’ve met in Marketing & Advertising are inherently good at problem-solving. We’ve spent much of our career finding work-arounds and seeking unique ways to make things more attractive, more efficient, or easier to understand – all on a tight budget. I’ve compiled a list of a few free and low-cost tools that I couldn’t live without.

1. Jing by Techsmith (free at
What is does: Allows you to capture and share images or videos of what you see on your computer screen.
How I use it: Jing gives you a simple and free way to incorporate product screen captures into presentations or creative projects (especially if your product is some sort of online platform). Jing screen captures can act as a simple alternative to simulating a platform environment in an animation program. It allows you to create a click-by-click breakdown of a technical process in a hurry, which is also great for collaborating with colleagues or animators.




2. Prezi (free at
What is does: Allows you to create and present dynamic and visually stunning presentations online.
How I use it: Prezi is a brilliant alternative to PowerPoint. I’ve used it for everything from board presentations to client proposals, and it always turns heads. You can collaborate online with co-workers, present remotely, and avoid sending hefty presentation files over email.



3. (free at
What is does: Allows you to create online mind maps / flow charts.
How I use it: I’m not a fan of Microsoft products, so I went looking for an online alternative to Visio and found It doesn’t have all the features you’d find in Visio, but it’s an excellent tool for brainstorming and mapping out campaign flows. Did I mention that it’s free?




4. proofHQ (Free Trial, Starts at $17 per month at
What is does: Enables you to manage the creative proofing process online.
How I use it: Nothing is more frustrating than being up against a deadline and having to wait for feedback from 5 managers in 3 different states. ProofHQ makes it easier for managers to give feedback, holds them accountable for deadlines, and keeps a detailed record of comments.


With a seemingly unlimited number of apps and technical resources available in the cloud, professionals in marketing & advertising have a ton of choices for their toolkit. I’ve learned that if I find a task particularly annoying or time consuming, there is usually an app out there that can help. So…I encourage you to make your life easier! Explore the app store and the interwebs, or share your favorite app in the comments below.

Happy exploring!

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