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Review: Hubspot’s New Social Inbox

Hubspot Customers will be pleased to see the new “Social Inbox” hit their dashboards at the end of June 2013. As part of the beta group, the Defined Creative team has had a sneak peak at Hubspot’s upgraded social toolkit. In a nutshell, we’re sold.

With the launch of HubSpot 3 in the Fall of 2012, Hubspot’s offering leaped ahead of many competitors in the marketing automation space. It was only a matter of time before Hubspot transformed their social offering in the same way that timeline segmentation and workflows transformed their lead nurturing offering.

So what does the new Social Inbox include?

1. Better monitoring of keywords and twitter lists

2. New: Monitor your smart lists. (e.g. get a view of just qualified leads on twitter)

3. New: Get email alerts for when a lead, customer or other contact mentions a certain keyword.

4. New: “Contact match” search to help you find the twitter handles of more contacts.

5. New: Assign or forward a tweet for response. And see a history of responses.

6. New: See lifecycle stage and salesforce owner of each social contact & click to see the full profile.

7. New: Social Media Monitoring and Publishing in the iPhone and Android App


Sneak Peak: Our Favorite Features

Social Inbox intelligently connects social listening, publishing, and engagement to the rest of your Hubspot arsenal. It provides context to your social conversations by connecting lead stage, timeline data, and previous social interactions to each contact you engage with. It also allows you to quickly identify hot social prospects and seamlessly add them to follow up email programs:


Social posts are even automatically color-coded to indicate the poster’s lead stage:


Understanding customers on an individual level, and adapting to their needs in the marketing and sales process is what drives the success of the inbound marketing methodology. Most adopters of inbound marketing technology have seen the power of data-driven context and insight first hand – whether it’s a marketing manager seeing improvements to conversion rates through behavior-based email triggers, or a sales rep using a customer’s Webpage views to pinpoint their areas of interest. Now, your social interactions can be framed with that same level of insight into your customer’s unique needs. Here’s a sneak peak of how social conversations will look with Social Inbox:


Upgraded keyword tracking features now allow you to track the social activity of your smart lists and set up automated alerts to let you know when action is needed:


Social Inbox is a massive step up for Hubspot users, and further integrates social channels with the rest of the marketing ecosystem. It negates the need for many third party apps (ahem, Radian6), and positions HubSpot as an all-inclusive social solution. There is still some room to grow this tool further to include the types of content creation tools or governance workflows available on Shoutlet or the visual prompts you’ll find on Percolate. Hubspot’s releases over that past year have been well executed, and the announcement of Social Inbox makes us eager to see what else is in store for HubSpot. Keep up the good work, Hubspot; you are improving the lives of marketers everywhere.

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