A Decision Diagram: Should I Post it on Twitter?

A strong presence on twitter and other social channels can have a load of benefits for brands of all sizes. Customers can experience your company culture and connect with your product or service on a very personal level. However, the best social marketing programs are rarely managed by a single person. It often takes an army of product experts, customer service reps, editors, and sales pros to get the most out of social channels. Controlling your message and maintaining consistency can be challenging when you have a large group of inexperienced content contributors; therefore, setting guidelines is crucial.

At Defined, we allow (and encourage) all employees to tweet on behalf of the company. We put together a very simple decision tree (below) for employees to follow when posting with a company account, and we thought we would share it! While the diagram may seem very elementary to twitter natives, we’ve found it to be effective in preventing serious blunders from social media newcomers.

Happy tweeting!

Design Diagram - Should I Post it on Twitter


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